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About MotoEscape

Founded in 2019 to tackle an over- flowing garage full of projects, our first venture was formed in a 6,500 sq ft warehouse nearby.

After quickly growing out of this space, the need for a bigger facility was desperately needed. 

In 2022, MotoEscape ATL was formed with Chris Fabina and Matt Otten with the goal of finding a much larger space to accommodate more members, more amenities and create a community of enthusiasts. 

After securing and remodeling a 24,000 sq ft space close to Truist Park and Dobbins Air Force Base in Marietta we opened MotoEscape ATL in July 2022.

Our Team

Matt Otten

Matt Otten

Matt’s automotive passion began at a young age when he worked in high school at Auto Exotic in St. Louis, MO. His highlight was driving the first Ferrari Testarossa owned by Ozzie Smith.

From there he spent a decade at a division of Enterprise Rent-A-Car and then two decades at ADP in leadership. Currently, he leads the automotive sales efforts for a London-based Artificial Intelligence company focused on computer vision in the global automotive space.

Moto Escape is a lifelong dream come true.

Chris Fabina

Chris Fabina

It all started at a very young age, Chris Fabina, started to notice and appreciate  the small details in cars and could call out the make, model, year, and unique features. 

Growing up in Northwest Indiana, all four seasons were present but that didn’t stop Chris from keeping his parents cars so clean that the neighbors consistently stopped and made comments like ‘you wash that car so much that the paint might rub off’ or ‘I’ll pull my car around next’. 

Chris has always been interested in building a sense of community and helping others accomplishing their goals. After parking his new car on the street for one week, it was damaged by a hit & run, and the insurance process took time while adding unneeded stress. Renting a u-store-it was not the answer. Chris thought there needed to be something else for those like us. 

In 2022, Chris partnered with Matt Otten to create a new location in Marietta, GA consisting of 24,000 square ft. of all things motor based. 24/7 access to storage, do it yourself maintenance, remote work space, and a place to relax. A community for the motor enthusiast.